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Sherri Muir, RMT

Sherri is a graduate of The West Coast Collage of Massage Therapy. Her clinical training there included – in addition to a diversity of massage techniques and theories – Anatomy and Physiology, Orthopedic assessment, and Kinesiology.

Since entering practice in 1996, Sherri has complemented her training with further studies in yoga, pilates, pregnancy massage, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, sports rehabilitation and osteopathic techniques. Through careful attention during her years of practice, she has been able to create a personal style which blends her experience in sports and movement with her deep knowledge of the human body.

Treatments with Sherri reflect her understanding that the body’s structure is wholly interconnected, and is dynamically formed in the balance between tension and compression. Both improper movement and immobility often affect the body as a whole, creating postural and muscle imbalances which often lead to joint dysfunction and pain. Fortunately, through proper assessment, treatment and patient education, the body can begin to unlock, unwind, and heal itself.

Outside the treatment room, Sherri has a passion for sport in the outdoors. She enjoys exploring her community on bikes and skis, or with her climbing shoes.

Sherri Muir, RMT

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