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Abdominal Breathing Exercise

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We all know that breathing is important, but many of us don’t give it much thought. All too often, we get stressed, we stiffen up, and end up breathing high in our chests. This chest breathing or apical breathing can then make us feel more stressed and causes excess tension in our neck and shoulders.

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The Gift of Wellness

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Are you stuck for what to buy this holiday? Gift certificates are a great way to give the gift of health to those you love. Give us a call or send us an email to make arrangements.

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The “Fuzz” Speech by Gil Hedley

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Many people ask us what happens to their tissues when they are stuck and won’t move. Others wonder how important stretching really is. Some just want to know what fascial tissue is. Check out the fascinating “fuzz” speech by Gil Hedley. Hopefully it helps shed some light on your inner workings and encourages you to… Read more »

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